Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition “GIS ODYSSEY 2020”
Italy 7 th to 11 th of September 2020, Veneto, Italy


Due to the growing number of cases of the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in northern Italy, we would like to inform that:

1. The date on which the conference will take place is upheld. This issue will be considered again after April 3 this year when the current restrictions on movement in Italy cease to be in force. Until the determination of the fate of this year’s conference, please forbear from paying the conference fee.
2. Papers are being accepted all along. The deadline for sending them has been extended to March 21 this year. Fees for publications in conference monographs (EUR 200) are also accepted until March 21 this year. We would like conference monographs and publications in the journals related to the conference to appear independently of our meeting in Italy.


The conference proceedings are planned to be published and indexed in „Web of Science”, „Scopus” or other relevant databases. During the application for indexing in the Web of Science, for multi-chapter conference monographs from 2020, will be assigned categories and research areas to Web of Science. In particular, these categories will correspond to the topics of the conference, e.g. Computer Science, Phisical Geography, Remote Sensing, Business & Economics, Government & Law. The categories and areas finally submitted to Web of Science will result from the thematic scope of individual monographs. The Programme Committee reserves the right to select for presentation only the chosen papers.The conference working language is English.Please follow enclosed guidelines for authors. Send all abstracts and papers to: